Frequently Answered Questions:

What is going on? 
We will make updates on our side, step by step from middle of June 2016. The start will be Norway.
The site will always stay free as before. No membership in twitter needed for reading. Members of twitter can send messages - just open the blue "tweet" (icon).

What is new?
The site is being redesigned. You will be able to read real time "news" in form of tweets from selected areas. You will also now to send out your tweets and still staying on this site.

Just look for the "tweet" icon to the right of the "MENY", open it, type in your message and send.

Why doesn't my message show up in the window after I sent it?
Possible answers:
Your "location" is not registered correctly in Twitter.
Your message is not written in the language for the site.
Your message does not include one of the keywords mentioned.

Do I need a Twitter account to participate?

Yes, but only if you want to send messages. Open the "tweet" icon to the right of the "MENY".

The link on the tweet does not open properly.
You may right-click on a link and open it in a new window.

Why are few or no messages shown in the window?
Possible answers:
Too few messages sent (within the correct criteria).

Who else can read my messages?
Anybody within Twitter can read your messages either as followers or as retweets. Anybody on internet using search.

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